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【SEARS CARD ACTIVATION】Activate Sears Card | Sears Credit Card Login

Cardholders of Sears please pay attention, if you recently received your Sears Credit Card or Sears MasterCard than you are at the right place. We give you the information about how to Activate Sear Card. Check the different methods here for Sears Credit Card Activation and Sears MasterCard Activation. Sears Card will be provided by the Citibank and you can get lots of benefits using this Sears Card Activation.

This post we made with very simple language to understand, just follow the steps we mention in different methods and activate your card easily. Take this advantage and activate your Sears card with us.

Read this post from top to bottom to get all the details about how to activate your Sears Card with all possible ways and methods. There are some requirements are also to Activate Sears card which is also mention in this post.


Sears Card Activation | Sears Credit Card Login

There are two ways of activating the Sears Credit Card or Sears MasterCard which is mentioned below. You can use any one way as per your convenience.

  1. Activate Sears Card Online.
  2. Activate Sears over the Phone.

💻 Activate Sears Card through Online Method 💻

Take an internet connected device with good internet speed. Follow the steps as mention in below procedure and your card will be activated successfully.

🤜🏾 The first Click Here and enter to the website to activate your Sears Card.

🤜🏾 Now enter Card Number, Name as it appears on your card, Security Code and Last 4 Digits of the Primary Cardholder’s SSN in the space provided.

🤜🏾 After providing the information carefully click on the Verify button.

🤜🏾 Follow the instructions as given in the page and complete the process.

🤜🏾 After completing the process you will receive a notification from the bank that your card is activated successfully.


☎️ Activate Sears Card over the Phone ☎️

🤜🏾 Call to 1-800-589-7327 using your registered mobile number.

🤜🏾 Now provide your card number and personal information very carefully.

🤜🏾 Follow the instructions given by the instructor very carefully and complete the procedure.

🤜🏾 Your Card will be activated soon and you will be notified of your activation via SMS or email.



Sears Card Activation different methods are mention here in this post. Follow the process to Activate Sears Card Online and after completing the process your card will be activated. Check out Sears Credit Card Activation and Sears MasterCard Activation procedure.

Sears Card gives lots of benefits to their customer. For any problem give a comment in below mention comment box. For information regarding activation of any other bank’s Debit or Credit Card, gift cards you can visit website


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